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XSNANO NDA 500ml for 5,000 ltrs of Diesel

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This highly concentrated 500ml bottle treats 5,000L of Diesel, reducing emissions such as NOx, SO², and PM by 98%. It also boosts cetane ratings by 4-8 RON, reducing the need for high-octane fuels and increasing fuel economy by 28%. Additionally, engine maintenance intervals are extended, with fewer maintenance costs and a contribution to CO2 reduction, all while keeping the engine clean. Bulk pricing is available when purchasing in quantity - contact us for more information.


How to use

XSNANO NDA (for Diesel) NGA (for Petrol) and NLA (for all Oils)

XSNANO Fuel Saving Additive is a product that uses the latest technology in Nanoparticles. Through extensive research and study of the rearrangement of liquid nanoparticles, we are proud to present our safe, physical-based environmentally friendly product. It not only protects your engine but reduces fuel consumption it also protects the environment. When added to your diesel or petrol at a ratio of 1; 10,000 (1 ml per 10 ltrs). To clean dirty injectors, you may need to use 3ml per ten litres of fuel to shock dose half a tank of fuel then return to normal ratio treatment (1m per 10 ltrs).

XSNANO Fuel Saving Additive uses the latest technology in nanoparticles, resulting in a thermodynamic stable product that can disperse itself evenly into nano-sized water droplets between the fuel molecules. Atomized by the injection nozzle into the chamber, before deflagration, these water droplets will experience a temperature higher than their boiling point, causing minute steam explosions. This process will cause the original fuel molecule to break up into clusters several hundred times smaller, allowing them to vaporize fully and in turn achieve complete combustion.  

Results include.

Fuel-saving up to 28% for fuelReduce harmful emissions and pollutants by up to 98%Cleanses the entire fuel system of carbon residue and sediments up to 99%Increase engine power up to 34%Protects the engine and fuel system from oxidation and corrosion.Reduce maintenance costs.Extend your vehicle lifespan.

Directions for use.

If you are using premium fuel (95 or 98) you can STOP and just use ULP 91 if you are using XSNANO in your fuel, as XSNANO raises octane. This alone can save you more than the product costs, even before your fuel savings.  Add XSNANO Fuel Saving Additive (NDA or NGA) at a ratio of 1; 10,000 to the tank before adding the Fuel. For example, 10ml of NDA treats 100 litres of diesel. Be sure to treat all fuel in the tank for first use. (If you only top up a 50ltr tank with 20 ltrs, you need to add 5 ml). Add XSNANO Lubricant Additive (NLA) at a ratio of 1; 1,000 (One mil per one litre of oil) to oil (All types of Oil including Engine, gear, hydraulic, auto etc)

After using XSNANO, your vehicle may experience an increase in idle speed due to the restoration of its condition to an optimal level and also because fuel is burning fuller. Should your engine fail to recalibrate itself automatically through the ECU? Kindly adjust it manually to the original level to maximize the effects of fuel savings and to bring it within the manufacturer’s application for rpm.

Older vehicles, high mileage or vehicles with dirty fuel systems may not experience such as significant level of fuel savings at an initial stage of use. This is due to the cleansing properties of the product. Continue using XSNANO for about 5 cycles and clean or change your fuel filter, as there may be insoluble sediments and residue due to the cleansing properties of the product. After which you will experience the full effects of our product as above 93% of your fuel system should be clean by then. There will be significant fuel savings and a reduction of harmful emissions and pollutants by this stage.

For best results use XSNANO NDA (Diesel) or XSNANO NGA (Petrol) in conjunction with XSNANO NLA Lubricant Oil Additive XSNANO product for an even greater improvement in emissions and efficiency.

XSNANO NLA Instructions

XSNANO Rolling Lubricant Oil Additive (NLA) is a product that uses the latest technology in Nanoparticles. Compared to the traditional lubricant oil additives, our product is made up of nano-sized diamond sphere particles millions of times smaller than other additives available. It not only protects your engine but also the environment. When added to your lubricant oil at the ratio of 1; 1,000 the effect of our product is unmatched by others in the industry.

1. Product Principle.

XSNANO Rolling Lubricant Oil Additive (NLA) works as a rolling mechanism in your lubricant oil. Replacing the current sliding mechanism of metal parts with a rolling process, it can significantly reduce the damage caused by wear and tear due to the daily running of your engine. Each of our nano-sized diamond particles is a perfect sphere protected by an oleophilic membrane that allows it to work better with your lubricant oil. It also has a neutral PH value, allaying any fears of causing adhesiveness in your lubricant oil. Our product is also resistant to high temperatures and pressure. It also increases the viscosity of your lubricant oil and prevents damage due to friction of your engine mechanism. Therefore, your engine will be running much smoother, quieter and more efficiently as a result.

2. Product Effects.

Fuel-saving up to 10%Reduce harmful emissions and pollutants by up to 40%Resist high temperatures and pressure.Increase engine power up to 28%Protect the engine and increase the lifespan by reducing friction.Reduce maintenance costs.Extend the effective lifespan of your lubricant oil by up to 100%Lower the engine noise level by 18 decibels.

3. Directions for use.

Add XSNANO NLA at a ratio of 1; 1,000 to lubricant oil. For example, 5 ml of NLA treats 5 litres of lubricant oil. XSNANO is suitable for use in all lubricants be it mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic.

XSNANO is a non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive, and non-toxic product. It is tested and cleared as a safe product by DGM and IATA.


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XSNANO engine testing keeps us on top

Extensive engine tests

Extensive engine tests are carried out using XSNANO in fuel and oil. These reports and many others can be viewed on our "Tech Data" page along with detailed explanation of XSNANO products and how they work to save you money. This keeps XSNANO world leader in friction modification and fuel enhancement.
Unlike other products, with XSNANO additives you only need one product for fuel (Diesel or Petrol) and one product for Oil (any Oil) (engine, gear, diffs, hydraulic, etc) Use NDA or NGA (Fuel additive) To improve fuel economy, Clean injectors and upper cylinders, Raise octane in petrol and cetane in diesel, Remove carbon, Increase power, Reduce emissions, Remove fuel bug, Enhance performance and prolong engine life, Use NLA (Oil additive) To reduce engine noise, Increase compression, Prevent wear, Increase power, Improve fuel economy, Extend the life of your oil and prolong engine life.
The Ratio for fuel is 1; 10,000 (one mil per ten litres)
The Ratio for oil is 1; 1,000 (one mil per one litre)