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Toyota save thousands of dollars using XSNANO fuel treatment

XSNANO saved me over $1,000.00 on the first bottle.

2006 Toyota Hilux SR4 Petrol

XSNANO saved me over $1,000.00 on first bottle.

My injectors were tapping and noisy.
My mechanic told me my fuel injectors were clogged and needed to be replaced.
So I thought I would try using the XSNANO fuel additive to try and clean them, so I added 3 times the normal dose (3 ml per Ltr) in a quarter full tank of fuel and gave it a run.

The knocking has completely gone and I now have better fuel economy, power and performance.  And I only used half a 50ml bottle to save me over a $1,000.00.

Jordan, TAS

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