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New XSNANO 125ml bottles from BiTron Australia

New 125 ml Bottles now in in stock

We have just released our new 125 ml bottles for XSNANO in Australia.

New 125ml XSNANO bottles from BiTron Australia


These new bottles have a separate measuring chamber and a long pouring neck that can get down the fuel tank of your vehicle. Designed with a slight bend to make pouring much easier. Also feature 'child proof' caps for safety.

We are very proud of our new release, which has taken many years to come to fruition. 

These bottles will eventually replace the need for pre-filled syringes, which were very costly to produce, and will serve as an entry level for first time users as well as a very handy refill bottle for bulk buyers to store in their vehicles.

Great news for fleet owners who can now store a bottle in each vehicle much easier.

The 125 ml bottles are available for Diesel (NDA) Petrol (NGA) and Oil (NLA)

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