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Nano-Technology making FUEL and OIL more efficient

ECO-FRIENDLY (reduce carbon emissions)

Are you looking to save money and protect your engine? 

Use the best friction reducing additive - XSNANO

Improve Engine Performance and Reduce Operating Costs with XSNANO. "A better way to treat fuel and oil " Using advanced nanotechnology making fuel and oil more efficient saving money and protecting engines. The best way to improve fuel economy in all engines.

Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated, Trading as Bi-Tron Australia since 1994 we have been providing the very best Oil and Fuel treatments for decades. 

XSNANO is sold in most countries worl-wide with amazing results.

Value for money!

"XSNANO saves you more than it costs!

So it costs nothing to give your engine the very best protection available.

XSNANO can dramatically reduce friction and wear, improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and increase power and performance in all engines and machinery.

Read the "testimonials" from our large customer base that can confirm the amazing results and cost savings.

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Best fuel and oil treatments

Someone said the other day "Why is XSNANO so expensive"?

They were trying to compare the volume of XSNANO to other less effective products, not realising that XSNANO is highly concentrated and more effective. (Comparing apples to oranges is the common term)

Just 125ml of XSNANO can treat 1,250 ltrs of fuel. (Yes, one thousand two hundred and fifty litres)

You use about 100 times less XSNANO than some other products and get far better results. and you usually need several different types of other products to try and come close to the results we get with just one XSNANO product. So you end up buying a lot more if you don't use XSNANO.

XSNANO is the best fuel and oil additive, through advanced nanotechnology. We can treat fuel and oil now in ways that were impossible just a few years ago.

Other products may seem to be less expensive, but you need to use a lot more and may not get any results. (Always read the treatment ratio before buying)

A lot of companies do not disclose the treatment ratio, so you think you are getting better value, when in fact you are not! I have seen products where a small bottle will treat a tank of fuel, where our small bottle will treat 1,250 litres of fuel. Do you see what I mean?

It is like saying "The winning lotto ticket I bought was expensive"

"Value For Money" is how you should judge the price of an item.
And XSNANO offers the best "Value for money"

Read our customer testimonials here or just ask anyone who has is using XSNANO

XSNANO Improves fuel burn by adding oxygen

XSNANO treatment ratios are highly concentrated, and dosage rates are 100 times less than other less effective products. (1; 10,000 for fuel and 1; 1,000 for oil).

Use XSNANO with standard fuel (91) and get better results than high price "Premium" fuels such as (95 - 98), And this provides even more savings to you.

For more technical information, see "Tech Data" page.

Environmentally friendly

All our products are NON-DANGEROUS goods and are completely safe to use, ship and store.

XSNANO cannot effect any warranties and is completely safe to use in all engines and fuel systems.

Read what our customers say about XSNANO.

Call us on 07 4079 0770

XSNANO for Fuel Savings
Fuel Economy

XSNANO Fuel treatment can offer up to 28% better fuel economy by creating a more complete burn of fuel.

And XSNANO Oil treatmnent can offer up to 10% better fuel economy by reducing friction. Combine the two for best results.

XSNANO is Non-Toxic
Safe to use

XSNANO is a NON-HAZARDOUS product. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive, non-hazardous.

And XSNANO is completely safe to use, ship and store.

XSNANO cannot affect any warranties or harm equipment.

XSNANO approved by EPA
Reduce Emissions

Eco-Friedly XSNANO can reduce up to 98% of carbon and other harmful emissions by creating a more complete burn of fuel in the combustion chamber.

Approved by EPA, DoEE, NICNAS and other environmental authorities worldwide

No problems when using XSNANO
No Problems

Regular use of XSNANO can reduce friction and wear in engines, improve fuel economy, reduce engine noise up to 18 decibels preventing costly repairs and unnecessary maintenance problems for trouble free motoring and peace of mind.

XSNANO can not void warranties!

XSNANO for proven fuel savings

Using XSNANO can't void any warranties.

In fact, XSNANO can dramatically improve fuel economy, extend the working life of your engine, its oil and its components. XSNANO fuel additives can create a more complete burn of fuel, and vastly improve lubrication resulting in better fuel economy, increased power and reduced carbon and NOx emissions. The introduction of Hydrogen, oxygen and nano lubricants increases the fuel efficiency and burn rate.

Using XSNANO is the best thing you can do to a vehicle to prolong engine life and provide ultimate performance in diesel or petrol engines.

You can still use your favorite oils and fuel, just add XSNANO to them to vastly improve their quality and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions
XSNANO Research lab

What is Nonotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at the nanoscale, at dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications. Matter can exhibit unusual physical, chemical, and biological properties at the nanoscale, differing in important ways from the properties of bulk materials, single atoms, and molecules. Some nanostructured materials are stronger or have different magnetic properties compared to other forms or sizes of the same material. Others are better at conducting heat or electricity. They may become more chemically reactive, reflect light better, or change color as their size or structure is altered.

Nanotechnology encompasses nanoscale science, engineering, and technology in fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering. Nanotechnology research and development involves imaging, measuring, modeling, and manipulating matter between approximately 1–100 nanometers.

Information from NNI USA

XSNANO Fuel-Saving additives save money

Trusted products for decades

XSNANO reduces emissions and is environmentally friendly.
With over 25 years in the industry, we have the solution to your problem.
Give Lubrication Solutions a call or send us an email outlining your requirements and we will provide a detailed solution for your situation. Keep your vehicles running at peak performance, clean and protected by the latest nanotechnology. Read our testimonials and watch our information videos.
Our goal is to assist farming, mining, transport communities to reduce their expenses, increase profits and reduce emissions and unnecessary maintenance. Reduce carbon emissions and protect your investments.
Now everyone can reduce emissions in their vehicles with no expensive modifications to engines or fuel systems. XSNANO is the trusted product used by many companies worldwide.
Contact our office for bulk order or distributor information.

Available in bulk for heavy equipment and commercial use Call us 07 4079 0770

Saving 43 cents per litre using XSNANO fuel additives

43 cents per litre Fuel Savings Using XSNANO - 2005 Hyundai Sonata NF 3.3 ltr with 260000 kms

Calculated savings using XSNANO.  

22% better fuel economy plus a $0.21 /ltr saving by switching from 98 octane to 91 octane (No need to buy "premium" fuel when using XSNANO)So on a tank of fuel (65ltrs) @ $1.00 / ltr you would save $14.30 (22%) plus $13.65 using lower octane fuel.A total saving of $27.95 per tank of fuel, plus the protection of your engine and fuel system.$27.95 divided by 65 = A saving of $0.43cents per litre saving.. 


Positive XSNANO saves money

Sceptic NO more
Absolutely blown away by the quality of this product.
I recently bit the bullet and purchased the petrol additive for my Skoda Octavia 1.4 litre petrol engine.

I am more than pleased with the product as it has improved the power of the engine to almost unbelievable.
My car has done a 193000 km and the engine performs like new.
I haven't worked out the miles per gallon yet will do that in the weeks to come.
ALL i'd like to say is, that, Kevin, you are true to your word about this product.


Pajero getting 30% better fuel economy using XSNANO

VRX Pajero 30% better fuel economy using XSNANO
I was amazed.
Immediately I noticed the extra power.
And then when I did the figures, my fuel consumption went from 14 ltrs / 100 ks to just 9 ltrs / 100 ks. and I was using standard unleaded (91) petrol. (The Pajero requires minimum of 95 octane). You don’t need to buy “Premium” fuel when using XSNANO fuel additives and this can save you another 15 cents / ltr at the pump. XSNANO raises octane and cetane.
And the vehicle actually ran better than before.
That is why I can thoroughly recommend using XSNANO in your vehicle.


Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D
I changed the Hilux fuel filter after using XSNANO for 5,000 km Should run much better now?
Goes like a shower of shit.
I’m expecting the fuel economy to get even better. I’ve already got 120ks minimum per tank.
We’ve gained approx. 150 km per tank by adding XSNANO. We’ve done20,000 ks in 6 months throughout Australia including the O0dnadattaTrack with amazing results. Just getting it serviced now and the mechanics are amazed with the cleanliness of the fuel system and how quiet the engine is. The XSNANO NLA oil treatment has smoothed the gear changes dramatically.
To say we are please is an understatement
170,000 km and it drives like a new car.


Long time fuel savings using XSNANO

Hi Kevin we've spoken before you and I go back about 20 years when I was selling bitron. I used bitron again on my Toyota Rav4 to clean out the engine for 2 services seeing better performance and better fuel economy then ran the Rav4 with no additives a further 2 services so I could see any benefits from adding Nano technology.
Well mate what you said about it I will admit after bitron I was skeptical since you only add a small amount of XSNANO to your engine and less cost (on a pension now) compared to bitron, me being me I had to test it out. 
All you said was true the Rav is performing great much more power (compared to bitron) engine quieter and fuel economy is great well over 120klms more from a tank on a trip and constant 80klms plus around town.
XSNANO is a great product, will recommend it highly.


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