Highly concentrated - just one ml treats one litre of OIL.

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XSNANO Rolling Lubricant Oil Additive (NLA) is a product that uses the latest technology in Nanoparticles. Compared to the traditional lubricant oil additives, our product is made up of nano-sized diamond sphere particles millions of times smaller than other additives available. It not only protects your engine, but also the environment. When added to your lubricant oil at the ratio of 1; 1,000 the effects of our product is unmatched by others in the industry.

  1. Product Principle.

XSNANO Rolling Lubricant Oil Additive (NLA) works as a rolling mechanism in your lubricant oil. By replacing the current sliding mechanism of your pistons by a rolling process, it is able to significantly reduce the damage caused by wear and tear due to the daily running of your engine. Each of our nano-sized diamond particles is a perfect sphere protected by an oleophilic membrane that allows it to work better with your lubricant oil. It also has neutral PH value, allaying any fears of causing adhesiveness in your lubricant oil. Our product is also resistant to high temperatures and pressure. It also increases the viscosity of your lubricant oil and prevents damage due to friction of your engine mechanism. Therefore your engine will be running much smoother, quieter and more efficiently as a result.

  1. Product Effects.
  • Fuel-saving up to 10%
  • Reduce harmful emissions and pollutants up to 40%
  • Resist high temperatures and pressure.
  • Increase engine power up to 28%
  • Protect the engine and increase the lifespan by reducing friction.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Extend the effective lifespan of your lubricant oil by up to 100%
  • Lower the engine noise level by 18 decibels.
  1. Directions for use.

Add NLA at a ratio of 1; 1,000 to lubricant oil. For example, 5 ml of NLA treats 5 litres of lubricant oil. Our product is suitable for use in all lubricants be it mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic.

XSNANO is a non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive and non-toxic product. It is tested and cleared as a safe product by DGM and IATA.


For best results use our XSNANO NLA Lubricant Oil Additive in conjunction with our XSNano NDA (Diesel) or XSNano NGA (Petrol) products for an even greater improvement in emissions and efficiency.  Always store bottles in an upright position to avoid spillage.