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XSNANO for All OIL - (NLA)

The best Engine Oil Additive is XSNANO NLA Nano Lubricating Additive


XSNANO Oil Additives

How to choose the right product?

For diesel engines - NDA (Nano Diesel Additive)
For Petrol engines - NGA (Nano Gasoline Additive)
For all Oils - NLA (Nano Lubricant Additive) Engine, gear, hydraulics, diffs, auto trans, wet clutches etc

Unlike other additives, with XSNANO additives You only need one for fuel and one for all types of Oil. (engine, gears, diffs, hydraulics etc)

USE NLA (Oil additive)

To reduce engine noise, To increase compression, To prevent wear, To increase power, To improve fuel economy, To extend the life of your oil, To prolong engine life,

NEED Help?

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Highly concentrated - just one ml treats one litre of OIL.

For larger sizes and Bulk orders please contact our office.

Treatment ratio - Oil = 1 ml per 1 lt

XSNANO NLA is SUITABLE FOR ALL OILS. Engine, gearbox, auto transmissions, differentials, hydraulics. And is used at a ratio of 1;1,000

XSNANO Nano Lubricating Additives from Bi-Tron Australia (Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd) are the best fuel additives and lubricants for diesel fuel, petrol fuel, any type of oil, (engine oil, gear oil, diff oil, auto transmissions (even hydraulics). These products work so well that they can improve fuel economy, increase power and greatly reduce emissions.

 The XSNANO NLA lubricant additive has a number of benefits, especially when used in conjunction with the fuel additives (NDA and NGA)

Unlike other lubricant additives, XSNANO is suitable for all types of oil. Engine, gearbox, auto transmissions, differentials, hydraulics. is used at a ratio of 1 ml per 1 ltr. Improve fuel economy by 2-10%. Reduce exhaust pollution by up to 40%. Increase engine power up to 28%. Reduce machine noise by up to 18 decibels. Rolls lubrication to decrease attrition. Resists pressure and high temperature. Protects the engine and extends the life of the oil. keep oil cleaner longer. Reduces the frequency of oil changes. XSNANO Oil additive for 7.5 ltrs of Oil

XSNANO Rolling Lubricant Oil Additive (NLA) is a product that uses the latest technology in Nanoparticles. Compared to the traditional lubricant oil additives, our product is made up of Nano-sized diamond sphere particles millions of times smaller than other additives available. It not only protects your engine but also the environment. When added to your lubricant oil at the ratio of 1; 1,000 the effects of our product are unmatched by others in the industry.

Product Principle.
XSNANO Rolling Lubricant Oil Additive (NLA) works as a rolling mechanism in your lubricant oil. By replacing the current sliding mechanism metal parts with a rolling process, it is able to significantly reduce the damage caused by wear and tear due to the daily running of your engine, gears and hydraulics. Each of our nano-sized diamond particles is a perfect sphere protected by an oleophilic membrane that allows it to work better with your lubricant oil. It also has a neutral PH value, allaying any fears of causing adhesiveness in your lubricant oil. Our product is also resistant to high temperatures and pressure. It also increases the viscosity of your lubricant oil and prevents damage due to friction in your engine. Therefore your engine will be running much smoother, quieter and more efficiently as a result.

Product Effects.
Fuel-saving up to 10%
Reduce harmful emissions and pollutants up to 40%
Resist high temperatures and pressure.
Increase engine power up to 28%
Protect the engine and increase the lifespan by reducing friction.
Reduce maintenance costs.
Extend the effective lifespan of your lubricant oil by up to 100%
Lower the engine noise level by 18 decibels.
Directions for use.
Add XSNANO NLA at a ratio of 1; 1,000 to lubricant oil. For example, 5 ml of NLA treats 5 litres of lubricant oil. Our product is suitable for use in all lubricants be it mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic.

XSNANO is a non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive and non-toxic product. It is tested and cleared as a safe product by DGM and IATA. Completely safe to use, ship and store. XSNANO cannot harm any equipment.


For best results use our XSNANO NLA Lubricant Oil Additive in conjunction with our XSNANO NDA (Diesel) or XSNANO NGA (Petrol) products for an even greater improvement in emissions and efficiency. 

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    Treatment ratio - Oil = 1 ml NLA per 1 ltr of oil - 5 Mil treats 5 ltrs Oil   Engine, gear, hydraulics, diffs, auto trans, wet clutches etc Introdu...

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    Original price $42.00 - Original price $1,644.00
    Original price
    $42.00 - $1,644.00
    $42.00 - $1,644.00
    Current price $42.00