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Fuel Bug (or "Diesel Bug" as it is commonly termed) outbreak can come from a "clean" source.You can pull up at a truck stop that has clean fuel and tanks, but one of the trucks that filled up before you may have had diesel bug, and by dipping the filler nozzle in his tank can transfer it to any other truck that uses that pump nozzle before it gets cleaned. And let's face it some outlets never clean their pump nozzles.Once the spores have been transferred they can very quickly multiply. They can double their numbers every 20 minutes and...

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VW Amarok V6 Diesel DPF problems solved with XSNANO

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Vehicle: VW Amarok V6 Diesel; 40,000 klms Fuel: Shell Diesel. Problem: Regular Re- Generations ( burn offs) of the DPF . Plus two limp modes without warning. Action: On average; 30 minutes of driving at 3000rpm. and 60 plus elms., to clean the filter. Then I tried using XSNANO fuel additive. Treatment: XSNANO. Travelled 1,200 klms. using the product with no issues. Then travelled 300 klms. without the product before being alerted to do a re- generation (burn off) of the DPF. I thought you may be interested in the above. Cheers, David.

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