Saving 43 cents a litre on fuel using XSNANO

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43 cents per litre Fuel Savings Using XSNANO - 2005 Hyundai Sonata NF 3.3 ltr with 260000 kms

 Calculated savings using XSNANO 

22% better fuel economy plus a $0.21 /ltr saving by switching from 98 octane to 91 octane (No need to buy "premium" fuel when using XSNANO)
So on a tank of fuel (65ltrs) @ $1.00 / ltr you would save $14.30 (22%) plus $13.65 using lower octane fuel.
A total saving of $27.95 per tank of fuel, plus the protection of your engine and fuel system.
$27.95 divided by 65 = A saving of $0.43cents per litre saving.. 
Cheers Ken. 
You should give it a try.
Fuel savings are just a welcome bonus. 
It is knowing that my vehicle is running clean and fully protected that is the real benefit from using XSNANO.

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