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XSNANO premium fuel and oil treatments break loose in Australia

Nan-Technology improving Fuel and Oil

Nano-Technology is improving oil and fuel

XSNANO improving Fuel and Oil

XSNANO – Can make any lubricant better

XSNANO is not just another type of oil on the market it is far from it.

XSNANO is a better way to treat friction and wear on all moving parts in all types of oils and machinery.

For decades we have tried to minimize “shear wear” using all types of chemicals and oils, some better than others.

But now with the advances in Nano-Technology, we can apply a “Rolling Lubricant” between metal surfaces that dramatically reduce the metal to metal contact that causes friction and wear.

Oils start breaking down from the minute you first start the engine or create friction in machinery.

The most common causes of oil degradation are heat, blow by, wear particles, contamination, oxidisation,  micro-dieseling and component depletion.

XSNANO engine

Oxidation - is the reaction of oil molecules with oxygen molecules. It can lead to an increase in viscosity and the formation of varnish, sludge and sediment.

Thermal degradation is where the lubricant is heated above the recommended range of stable temperature

Micro-dieseling - Also known as pressure-induced thermal breakdown (degradation) Most of you are aware of how a diesel engine works. During the compression stroke, the combination of the injected fuel and increasing temperature of compressed air leads to ignition. Without XSNANO the burnt fuel is never fully converted to carbon dioxide and so water and soot are left behind which causes your oil to turn black.

Component depletion - Most oils contain sacrificial elements that are designed to be “used up” during the life of the oil, another reason why oil needs to be changed regularly.

XSNANO developed using the latest Nano-technology can now effectively remove or reduce those problems by creating a “rolling action” using Nano-spheres of diamonds.

This removes the pressure on all oils making them last longer, but more importantly, XSNANO addresses the cause of friction in the first place.

This is why when using XSNANO in your oil (any oil) it protects your engine, keeps it clean and operating in peak condition, which is essential for engines with fine tolerances.

Using XSNANO in your fuel will improve the burn of your fuel and keep your fuel system and upper cylinder areas clean, lubricated and fully protected.

XSNANO can increase power and performance (the racing Ferrari team reduce their time over 100 metres by one second using XSNANO in their fuel) Not everybody wants to race their vehicle, but XSNANO adds the power when needed, such as towing or overtaking.

The fuel sold today is pretty ordinary, and TV adds show fuel companies talking about “dirty fuel” and the need to use their “premium Fuel” (at a “Premium Price” of course), but regular use of XSNANO fuel additives removes the need for “premium Fuel” and removes the impurities contained in the fuel, so your vehicle will run better and cleaner without paying the “Premium Price” Even high-end vehicles that require 98 octane fuel can run better on 91 when using XSNANO. Which is another cost-saving?

If you want to do the best for your vehicle, reduce maintenance costs, reduce fuel costs, and reduce emissions, then you need to be using XSNANO.

And best of all, XSNANO can save you far more than it costs. I know of no other products can achieve that. 

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