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Low Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only

Low Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only

Woolworths have now placed signs in some of their car parks reserving spaces for "Low Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only" 

This has caused outrage as some think it is discriminatory.

But did you know that using XSNANO in your fuel makes your vehicle the BEST "Low Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicle".

Using XSNANO reduces up to 98% of carbon emissions and other harmful NOx gasses, XSNANO also provides 20-30% better fuel efficiency.

And best of all combustion engines (Diesel or Petrol) using XSNANO are not contributing to massive pollution problems associated with the manufacture and disposal of "Lithium" batteries.

Lithium batteries are going to become the biggest threat to our environment since the introduction of mass-produced plastic. And we all remember what a good idea that was at the time.

So, go ahead and proudly park your vehicle using XSNANO right in front of all the Teslas and other "EV" pollution bombs..

We have regularly approached the government and environmental bodies in Australia for some acknowledgement but they say "we are committed to going electric, and don't want to confuse the public"

Tell me this is environmentally friendly.   Environmentally friendly electric vehicles
Low emission vehicles
Try telling me that this is environmentally friendly. 
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